Thierry Cassuto
Thierry CassutoFounder, Executive Producer and CEO
Thierry Cassuto started out in the French TV industry, where he helped launch M6, now a thriving media group, then ran the Paris based subsidiary of famous Hollywood classic animation studios Hanna-Barbera, before starting his own production company TVTV. He moved to South Africa in 1997, where he started Both Worlds and won numerous awards in the local television industry.


Karen Jeynes
Karen JeynesHead Writer, Producer
Karen has been writing words and winning awards for them since she was 14, so has yet to pursue that “real job” everyone warned her she would need. Working across stage, television, print, radio and online, Karen believes there’s a word for everything if you look hard enough.


Ntokozo Magadla
Ntokozo MagadlaOffice Manager
Ntokozo’s experience and love for the industry is growing and she is enjoying her new chapter in production. She is always bubbly, ready to go the extra mile and to keep things running smoothly, efficiently and on schedule.


Kunjulwa Kunene
Kunjulwa Kunene Head of Accounts
Kunjulwa goes by the name of KK. She can count faster than you think, which is how she got to be Bookkeeper, and is the richest lady in the company because she gets to handle the finances.


Oliver Petrie
Oliver PetrieVideo and Stills Producer
Oliver has been in the industry for the past 7 years and working on the african continent since 2014. his extended network of contacts as well as his passion for audiovisual capture technique enable him to have a hands on approach to finding solutions in complex circumstances.


Lindy Johnson
Lindy JohnsonIntern: Social Media and Writing
Lindy is an intern at Both Worlds, taking a special interest in social media and writing. When she’s not at work, she can often be found in her natural environment, comedy clubs.


Mpeo Nkosi
Mpeo NkosiBusiness Development Consultant
Mpeo brings her years of media marketing experience and wealth of industry knowledge to assist Both Worlds in finding exciting new projects and partners.


Pierre Cassuto
Pierre CassutoDirector; Head of Development
Pierre looks after Both Worlds’ new and developing projects, making sure that the company is always growing bigger – and better.


Alisha Sadler-Almeida
Alisha Sadler-AlmeidaConsultant: Finance Executive
Alisha is a consultant who guides Both Worlds in all financial aspects of the business, from compliance through to strategy.


Robert Gibralter
Robert GibralterPresident, Both Worlds USA
Robert is our international man of mystery, representing the business interests of Both Worlds in the US, and broadening our horizons.


Zapiro Creative Consultant
World renowned cartoonist Zapiro was one of the founders of ZANews, and continues to contribute to the site, consult in puppet development, and add his creative flair to Both Worlds.
Remy Jacquelin
Remy JacquelinBoth Worlds France, Coproductions and Business Affairs
Our official French connection, Remy helps build international relationships and productions, making sure we keep the Both in Both Worlds.