Africa and I
Documentary 90’

Africa and I is the enchanting story of Othmane Zolati, a 20 year old adventurer who left everything behind him and spent four years walking, cycling and skateboarding his way through Africa, from Morocco to Cape Town. On his journey, he saw that the continent he was warned about before he left home, the dark continent that the media shows us all, full of crime, disease and despair, was not the real story after all. Othmane found a continent that was vivid, varied and alive, full of beauty and surprises.

While exploring the four corners of Africa, Othmane saw it all. He found a professional music recording studio in a backyards next to some chickens, went on a skateboarding tour of Ethiopia, boating through the Venice of Africa, and experienced the trucker lifestyle. He also spent time with the Maasai, the Hamer and the Himba people, experiencing a more traditional side of African life.

Coming from a conservative home and background, Othmane wasn’t prepared for adventure, and took very little with him on his 30 000km journey, covering 24 countries. Othmane left home at just 20, and grew and matured – and perfected his camera skills – along the way. He also lived through some heartstopping moments, with a few arrests, three bouts of malaria, encounters with gunmen in the desert and countless punctures – Othmane quickly learned how to adapt and roll with whatever life threw his way.

Africa and I is a film about seeing things with fresh eyes, throwing away preconceptions, and making the most of what you have, where you are. The soundtrack offers a musical journey too, combining contemporary and traditional music to create a stunning aural landscape. Sit back and relax as one young man, without a plan, equipment, or a film crew, shows us a different version of Africa, through African eyes.