All rise!

From Both Worlds, the makers of SAFTA award winning shows Puppet Nation and Point of Order, comes Parlement Parlement, a comedic panel show modelled after the often chaotic melting pot that is the South African parliament.

The nation’s best-loved Afrikaans comedians, representing Government and Opposition, face off in multiple challenges to test their general knowledge (or total lack thereof), law-passing skills and ability to talk kaf. The only aim of the game is to impress our very own Madam Speaker, Honourable Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp, who rules the house with a sharp tongue – and a gavel.

With comic geniuses like Wikus du Toit, Marion Holm, Louw Venter, Anne Hirsch, Margit Meyer-Rodenbeck, Piet Matipa and Joey Rasdien, Parlement Parlement is guaranteed to get you laughing. And our lovely celebrities, from Karlien van Jaarsveld to Rian van Heerden, add a little glamour and gravitas to the proceedings

This 13 part season’s producer is Karen Jeynes, with executive producer Thierry Cassuto and Marguerite Albrecht commissioning editor for KykNet.