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Parlement Parlement, coming soon to a screen near you

June 29th, 2017|

All rise!

From Both Worlds, the makers of SAFTA award winning shows Puppet Nation and Point of Order, comes Parlement Parlement, a comedic panel show modelled after the often chaotic melting pot that is the South African parliament.

The nation’s best-loved Afrikaans comedians, representing Government and Opposition, face off in multiple challenges to test their general knowledge […]

ZANEWS Finds a New Flame

June 23rd, 2017|

ZANEWS has struck a flame with one of South Africa’s hottest brands, Nando’s.

“The puppets may be too spicy for TV for now but thanks to one of South Africa’s most loved and hottest brands, Nando’s, ZANEWS will be back to keep South Africans laughing this winter. Get ready for an epic new season of Game […]