The satirical puppet news show scooped 3 Golden HornsTM at the 7th African Film and Television Awards for Best Ensemble in a TV Comedy, Best Art Direction of a TV Comedy and Best Editors of a TV Comedy.

ZANEWS has won three Golden HornsTM out of six nominations at the South African Film and Television Awards which was held on 15 & 16 March at Gallagher Estate in Johannesburg. No small achievement for a show that some TV executives thought South Africans were “not ready” for.

The actors, writers, editors, puppeteers, puppet­makers and producers behind ZANEWS won in the following categories:

Best Ensemble in a TV Comedy: Both Worlds (the production company behind ZANEWS)

Best Editor of a TV Comedy: Aaron Naidoo, Rod Macleod, Hugh Upsher (and Volo Ganca)

Best Art Direction of a TV Comedy: Riccardo Pugliese (sets), Lindsay van Blerk and the ZANEWS workshop team (puppet design)

Thierry Cassuto, ZANEWS’s Executive Producer and Creator, had this to say: “Despite some of our puppets waking up with nasty hangovers and showing up unacceptably late for work, we are delighted.” He added, “I want to give a huge thank you to my partner in crime Zapiro, our writers Marianne Thamm, Anne Hirsch, Ben Trovato, Andrew Donaldson, Tom Eaton, Chumile Goqwana; voice actors Nikki Jackman, Aggrey Lonake, Nik Rabinowitz, Adam Behr, Louw Venter; puppeteers (too many to mention), puppet­makers, editors and production team. Thanks to our brave friends at TopTV, we hope they keep it up! And of course, a big thank you to all those politicians who unabashedly write our scripts.”

He added: “We’re proud to bring TopTV its first SAFTAs and confident that ZANEWS will continue with a 6th Season. Maybe Juju has some money stashed away to keep us going. Aluta Continua!”

ZANEWS’ voice artist Nik Rabinowitz had this to say: ‘What a night! ZANews finally made it onto national TV… and the puppets said a few things that will ensure they probably won’t get invited back. C’est La Vie! Also, it was the first time SABC viewers got to watch Zuma on TV without falling asleep. Halala!’

ZANEWS was on TopTV for 2 seasons but not showing currently as they’re on hiatus. It is also available daily via the web and mobile at, on the South African iTunes store, on DVDs and as comic in The Big Issue magazine.

Launched by co­-founders Thierry Cassuto and Zapiro in 2009, after years of struggle to get support and distribution, ZANEWS has now won or been nominated at most major South African awards (Bookmarks, SAMAs, SAFTAs, AdFocus…), a unique achievement.

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